ShrimpKing-BABY, Rearing feed for shrimps

Complete feed for shrimps in fresh water aquaria

Sinking, water-stable micro-granules consisting of 100% natural ingredients. For daily feeding, for all larval stages. For healthy, well-balanced growth.

Guarantee: Free of artificial colouring agents and preservatives, no fish meal.

Feeding recommendation: As much as the shrimps eat in 1 h one to two times a day. Distributed evenly. Remove food residues after 6 h.

Composition: Kelp, shrimp wholemeal, wheat protein, yeast, spirulina, lucerne, stinging nettle, walnut leaves, green-lipped mussel, Chlorella, birch leaves, gingko leaves, pumpkin, birch bark, lapacho bark, chokeberries, blossom pollen, fennel, dandelion, rosemary, spinach, barley grass Analytical constituents: 36,5% crude protein, 4,0% crude fat, 7,4% raw fibre, 14,0% crude ash, 10,4% moisture, 1,95% calcium, 1,17% sodium, 0,57% phosphorus, 0,39% magnesium

Additives per kg: 5 g E 558 bentonite-montmorillonite

product code: 6071

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